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Why the TV News Loves Tsunamis

March 3, 2010

Last weekend, I listened to endless predictions (on my computer — I don’t own a TV) of a tsunami from the Chilean earthquake drowning Hawaii. It only reinforced what I have always said about the mainstream news: It’s trying to scare you out of your mind so you’ll go buy the stuff they advertise on their commercials.

Now, of course, I appreciate the tsunami warning – living here on this rock in the Pacific. To help stay positive, I threw a “Tsunami Party” inviting friends from the Maui shore to our house above the flood lines.

We watched the non-event as the news continued its “what could have happened” horror stories (from an alternative dimension where Hawaii is drowned under two mile high waves).

Why couldn’t they celebrate the fact we averted certain death (or at least some really inconvenient power outages)?

Needless to say, keep the news at arms length. They made people think the H1N1 would exterminate millions. Then they tried to convince the world that an airline passenger with a firecracker in his underwear signaled another 911.

This is just unnecessary stress. Stay informed but don’t get snowed under!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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