Magnesium Cures Anxiety and Heart Palpitations

April 27, 2010


My post last Tuesday on April 20, 2010 about the magnesium in Milk of Magnesia brought a rush of emails asking for the best kind of magnesium and where to get it.

Several people wrote and said they use Natural Calm, magnesium citrate powder. In fact, the gentleman who asked about Milk of Magnesia said he was able to get Natural Calm and was going to make that his magnesium of choice. It is the favorite of most of my clients. If you have a laxative effect with it you can take several smaller doses per day.

For even less of a laxative effect you can alternate magnesium citrate with a sustained release magnesium dimalate from Jigsaw Health. You can also use magnesium oil on your skin.It’s simply supersaturated magnesium chloride in distilled water. You can apply ¼ to ½ tsp a day. Some people mix it with their body lotion. It will absorb through the skin into your tissues. Excellent sources include LL’s Magnetic Clay and Global Light.

And now, a magnesium miracle story from Kate.

“I stumbled onto your website and just wanted to thank you for speaking out about this little-known miracle.

After the birth of my son, I suffered from anxiety that was nearly debilitating… specifically, I started having panic attacks while driving on the highway. With positive mental reinforcement I got over my fear of driving, but the anxiety spilled into other areas of my life, as well.

It wasn’t until years later, when I started feeling severe heart palpitations — which would themselves trigger panic attacks as I feared heart failure — that I finally discerned what the problem was.

My GP of course told me that the heart palpitations were perfectly normal and suggested I take medication for the anxiety, which I was unwilling to do.

I knew there was another answer. So. I took it upon myself to find it. After much research, I learned that a magnesium deficiency could be causing the heart palpitations — and possibly the other seemingly-unrelated health problems I’d encountered. As it could do little harm, I started taking 400mg daily magnesium supplements.

Within two days, the heart palpitations stopped. Completely. And I haven’t had an anxiety attack since.

To think of the years I wasted when the solution was so simple is maddening. What’s worse, to think of the thousands of women who are put on Prozac and god-knows what else when they could have their lives back with a single vitamin supplement is insanity.

PLEASE continue to speak out so that more women are made aware of this potential solution…”

Next Tuesday, I’ll devote the post to how much magnesium your body requires.

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