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Don’t Kiss Your Vitamins Goodbye!

May 4, 2010


I met Jonathan Emord at the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach on March 27, 2010. I thought you would like to meet him too. It certainly helps to know that there are good people in positions of power, who hold our best interests close to their hearts.

Emord is a well-known Washington attorney. With his expertise in constitutional and administrative law, he is one of the few lawyers who stands up against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as they routinely trash our health freedoms. Emord is a noted First Amendment authority, who reminds me of The Founding Fathers when he speaks.

Emord’s latest book is The Rise of Tyranny – How Federal Agencies Abuse Power and pose Risks to Your Life and Liberty. You can read an excellent book review by Elissa Meininger at NewsWithViews. Elissa writes, “The final chapter of Emord’s book is titled, “The Way Back to Liberty.” In it, he proposes eight remedies to restore the Constitution to its rightful place in defense of the rule of law our Founding Fathers created.”

The reason this post is timely is the most recent attack on dietary supplements. I’m sure Jonathan Emord is in the thick of battle with this one. And, if you are on Mike Adams NaturalNews mailing list you have already seen this notice.

Congressman Henry Waxman snuck an amendment into the Wall Street financial reform bill that expands the powers of the Federal Trade Commission FTC that could destroy the dietary supplements industry. Mike borrowed the title from my article called Kiss Your Vitamins Goodbye when he told people: “If you don’t want to kiss your vitamins, herbs and supplements goodbye, join us in opposing this dangerous amendment.”

I usually let Mike do the heavy lifting when it comes to fighting the bad guys. But here is something that we can all easily do by clicking on the URL above and voicing our First Amendment Rights.

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