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Real Rhythm and Blues without Magnesium

May 28, 2010

I subscribe to medical papers and journals to stay up-to-date on medical advances. Actually, I keep hoping that drug-based medical doctors will remember their biochemistry and the fact that every metabolic process in the body requires a vitamin and/or mineral to work properly.

Such was the case when I read about the May 12-15, 2010 meeting in Denver that focused on “ArrhythmiaDisorders.” I read the highlights from the Heart Rhythm Society Annual Meeting and immediately scanned for magnesium. I came up blank.

But what I did find showed me how futile it is to expect medicine to suddenly “go native” and embrace magnesium or any other natural substance. Yes, for me it was not a Rhythm Society meeting but a Rhythm and Blues meeting with an emphasis on the Blues!

The topics covered emphasized hi tech devices and studies that just compared drugs for different conditions. There was also a study that showed fish oils don’t help prevent atrial fibrillation after Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery. And I agree. If I had my chest cut open, my heart stopped, veins ripped out of my leg and sewn into my heart, I don’t think a few fish oil capsules would serve to keep my heart from flipping out either!

As I mentioned, in the highlights of this conference, there was nothing about magnesium or its ability to treat arrhythmias. Yet, many people have sent me their stories about magnesium and how it treated their heart rhythm problems, even when drugs had failed. And I’ve written about the ability of magnesium to treat heart rhythm abnormalities in The Magnesium Miracle. So, I know it works.

But as long as there is no patent on magnesium and no endless drug company money to study magnesium, it will remain an untapped therapy.

So, the tip for today is to educate yourself about magnesium and make sure you are taking enough to protect your heart. You can scan previous posts about magnesium to find out more.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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