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The Back Feels What The Back Feels

June 4, 2010

I spend way too much time sitting at my computer and my posture suffers. So, I’ve been using my pedestal desk more (and writing a module about it for Future Health Now!). And I just got a new kneeling chair. I’m also reminded every day of the importance of a healthy back as I work with clients who have chronic pain.

Probably the very best way to create a better posture and a strong back is to start by taking some pictures! Put on your bathing suit and take pictures front and back, right side and left side. These pictures will show you whether your hips and shoulders are in alignment; whether your chin is tucked in or jutting forward and whether your back has too little or too much of a curve. Of course, you can always just look in the mirror and get the same information. Or ask a friend to help assess your alignment. Make it a good friend!

When I first did my posture pictures, on the recommendation of Jesse Cannone at the Healthy Back Institute (HBI), it was a very illuminating experience. My hips and shoulders, neck and back were all askew. That really got me focused on improving my posture. Helping me out in that process were specific exercises geared to my imbalances that I followed Jesse’s Lose the Back Pain System. Some exercises should only be done on one side of your body if that’s your “weaker side”. If you do exercises on your “strong side” you can pull yourself out of balance even further.

Many of you have Jesse Cannone’s free 7-Day Back Pain Cure book. (If not, you can get it for free.) So you may be familiar with this fitness expert turned self-help, back-pain guru who keeps people out of doctor’s offices with his commonsense advice.

When the most you can expect from medicine for your back pain is pain pills and a referral to an orthopedic surgeon, make sure you check out what Jesse has to offer first.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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