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A Natural Resource for Crohn’s and Colitis

July 28, 2010

Jini Patel Thompson is a hero to many people. Jini suffered debilitating Crohn’s disease, first diagnosed in 1986. For a time she was locked into the medical system to try to overcome her illness. But it didn’t work for her. Maybe it does for some but Jini just kept getting worse and was only offered more drugs and surgeries.

Jini came from a family of physicians and pharmacists and grew up with complete faith in medical science. She didn’t know anything about alternative medicine. After three years of suffering, Jini was feeling worse. She was on a handful of drugs and weak from the disease, the tests, and the feeling of hopelessness.

Instead of giving up she asked her gastroenterologist, who headed up a national research team on Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, for all the books and papers he had on the subject (this was before the Internet).

Her first shock was realizing that the medical profession had very limited information/knowledge about Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Her second shock was that she had already tried every drug they had to offer.

Jini spent the next seven years researching and experimenting with alternative healing therapies. She developed her own methods of dealing with each phase of symptoms. She learned to listen to her body and take responsibility for it.

After a few more years of discussing her findings with friends and family and finding that people were responding incredibly well to her methods, Jini finally was persuaded to write a book on the subject.

It’s that book Listen To Your Gut and the several that followed that I want to tell you about today. I’ve just started a new page on my site called Recommended Books. Jini is the first author that I’ve selected to be there.

Jini will be the first to tell you that she’s not a medical doctor or a health practitioner. But what she does have in abundance is experience with this condition. And that’s worth more to someone seeking guidance. I had the privilege of consulting with Jini’s readers and clients when Jini was on maternity leave with her third child. Since I had never experienced Chron’s or colitis, I found I couldn’t give some of them what they really required. They wanted to know that someone had gone through these diseases using natural methods and been healed. Jini can and does share her healing story in all her books and all her correspondence. She’s also in a position to share the healing stories of the many people who have benefited from her knowledge.

Go to my Recommended Books under Resources for more information and be sure to pass this blog on to people who you know will benefit.

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