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LXD: Dancing Superheros

July 14, 2010

Just when you thought there were no more Superheros. When business, government, sports and entertainment have all let you down – along comes LXD, The Legend of Extraordinary Dancers.

I used to be a dancer and I love to dance more than I love to watch dance. But LXD changed all that for me. If you want to get your adrenalin going just by watching dance, look no further. If you want to meet a generation of young people who love what they do more than they love money or fame, check out LXD. This is not a movie, not a TV series, it’s a webseries that I predict will go viral…and in a good way.

John Chu met dozens of talented dancers when he directed the sensational movie, Step Up 2 Dance in 2008. He brought many of these dancers together for what he describes as an online dance adventure with a story told through dance. The superpowers of these superheros is their fantastic ability to dance without the aid of special effects – no wires and no cutting and pasting of film.

In an age of technology where the special effects guys became heros, I think LXD is a wonderful “back to nature” movement.

My tip for today? LXD can put you back in touch with the extraordinary ability of the human body. Watch it on Hulu.

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