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Recommended Supplements, Products, Information and Affiliates

July 9, 2010

People always want to know what supplements I recommend for various conditions. Because our health care is entrenched in the allopathic model, most people think that a disease or a disease symptom can be treated with a drug or a vitamin. But that’s far from the truth.

In over thirty years of practicing natural medicine I’ve learned that health is about taking responsibility for your lifestyle and employing commonsense health strategies on a daily basis. You can’t undo a lifetime of dietary abuse overnight with drugs or supplements. There’s much more involved.

To take you beyond the supplement treatment of disease I have created several resources. First is my Future Health Now! Online Wellness Program. Every week you receive a module from one of seven different areas that I call pillars.

Pillar One: Vitalizing Foods

Pillar Two: Personal Care

Pillar Three: Energizing Exercise

Pillar Four: Super Nutrients

Pillar Five: Living Space

Pillar Six: Rejuvenating Sleep

Pillar Seven: Mind Over Matter

In each module I give important information about the topic but spend most of the time on strategies of how to implement it; what can get in your way; and how to overcome obstacles to achieving your goal. If you haven’t sampled the first four free modules yet, you can do that now.

The second resource is my Future Health Now Encyclopedia. In this book, I cover treatments for 134 different ailments in 344 pages. It also includes guides to optimum eating, detoxification and homeopathy. Even better, it’s an eBook you can store on your desktop so you can search for cures when you need them.

My third offering is a compilation of the Supplements, Products, Information and Affiliates that I have reviewed and that I use. This resource is handily located under the Resources link. Other links include some of my articles, audios and videos. From another link at the top of the page you can review a selection of my 20 books. Two are eBooks that you can download immediately and several others are linked to Amazon.

My fourth resource is a Telephone Consulting practice to help you fine-tune your personal health program. This can usually be accomplished in a one-hour session.

The tip for today is to realize that popping a pill, whether it’s a drug or a vitamin is not the answer to your health problems. Using the resources that I’ve spent over 30 years in creating, you can choose the strategies that work best for you.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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