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All Hail Homeopathy

August 17, 2010

Homeopathy is a form of medicine based on using highly diluted material which sparks the body’s natural system of healing. A mineral or a plant substance is diluted and then shaken vigorously in a process called succussion. The dilutions are so infinitesimal that there may not even be a molecule of the substance remaining in the medicine. The succussion is said to impart the vibratory rate of the substance into the water to “activate” it.

The best way to learn about homeopathy is by experiencing how it works on an injury. The main injury remedy is arnica. It is widely used for pain, shock, swelling, bruising after any injury, or post surgery, including dental work and childbirth. Arnica can treat symptoms any time after an injury no matter how long ago.

Arnica cream or a variation called Traumeel can be applied directly on the injured area. If the wound is open or the skin is broken, the cream must not be used because it mat cause the wound to fester. (I love the opportunity to use fester it’s one of my favorite words!)

Arnica also works for mental as well as physical shock. Beyond bruising and sprains, it can treat physical exhaustion and sleeplessness due to overexhaustion. The lesser-known uses are for gout, toothache, bee stings and wasp stings.

To match a remedy, homeopaths look at your whole picture. They find that arnica works best for people with a fear of being touched. And if you have a painful injury, the last thing you want is someone poking at you. Other classic symptoms include: the bed feels too hard, a fear of being approached, the whole body feels beaten up and bruised, muscles feel achy. Symptoms that respond to arnica are: worse from touch, from exposure to hot sun, from motion, and in damp, cold conditions. Symptoms that respond to arnica are ones that get better when lying down with the head low and not propped up.

You can find arnica in health food stores and in some pharmacies. I keep vials of arnica pellets in all my purses and arnica cream all over the house. The potencies for acute symptoms are 6C, 12X, 30C. Potencies in the 200C range are better used by homeopaths to treat chronic diseases.

Knowing the homeopathic remedies to use for first aid or minor ailments means you don’t have to use unnecessary drugs. You can learn more about arnica and 30 other homeopathic remedies in Part Five of my Future Health Now Encyclopedia eBook. You can even compile a first aid kit with some of these remedies so you have non-drug solutions readily available.

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