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Cancel the Calcium

August 3, 2010

Calcium is prominent in the news these days. A July 29, 2010 British Medical Journal meta-analysis says that “Risks outweigh benefits for calcium supplements.” This study indicates that calcium supplements cause more cardiovascular events (such as heart attacks and stroke) than the number of fractures they prevent.

The study analyzed data on 12,000 people involved in the 15 trials. The increased risk was about 30 percent. The seven authors of the study say the risk is modest but they are concerned that with so many people taking calcium supplements “even a small increase in incidence of cardiovascular disease could translate into a large burden of disease in the population.” They even go so far as to “suggest that a reassessment of the role of calcium supplements in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis is warranted.”

That’s a huge admission of failure of the main treatment for osteoporosis—high dose calcium supplementation.

Now, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ve heard me say all this before. My post “Why I Hate Calcium” outlined the problem. Most calcium supplements are only absorbed 4%-15% and the other 85%-96% deposits in various body parts. These deposits create gall stones, kidney stones, heel spurs, atherosclerotic calcium plaques and breast calcifications. It’s the calcium deposits that are the problem. If these supplements were 100% absorbed we wouldn’t need so much and there would be nothing left over to cause problems.

What will you do for your bones instead of taking calcium supplements? Here’s what I suggest:

1.) Eat calcium rich foods. If you go to you could research calcium-rich foods. Add up the amount you get in your diet.

2.) Eat magnesium-rich foods and add up the amount you are eating on a daily basis.

3.) Take twice as much magnesium as you do calcium.

4.) If you aren’t getting enough magnesium, take supplements. Magnesium differs from calcium because if it’s not absorbed the excess is eliminated through the bowels as a laxative effect.

5.) If you feel you need more calcium than you get in your diet, take an angstrom form of calcium to avoid the non-absorbed forms. Angstrom minerals are a bit smaller than a picometer…and that’s very small. You only have to take a small amount because these minerals are 100% absorbed.

6.) Check your vitamin D levels. Have your doctor use the 25(OH) D test. But keep your levels in the mid range. If you possibly can, get out in the sun for 20-30 minutes a day without sunscreen and take low dose (400-800iu) Vitamin D3 per day. Never take the 50,000iu of synthetic Vit D; that amount will drain your magnesium stores and give you magnesium deficiency symptoms.

You can read more about the treatment of osteoporosis and 133 other conditions in my Future Health Now Encyclopedia. Find out before the researchers what you need to know to take care of your own health!

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