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Overtreating Your Heart with Supplements

August 10, 2010

Someone recently asked what I thought about taking Nattokinase and Indian Gooseberry Extract to prevent high cholesterol, elevated CRP (C-Reactive Protein, a heart inflammation indicator), high blood pressure and blocked arteries.

My first thought was that these are very expensive supplements to use for prevention. Nattokinase is very helpful for blood clotting and I recommend it when people refuse to take coumadin. It’s an enzyme from natto (fermented soybeans). Indian gooseberry extract is from the amia plant and there is a long history of its use for treating diabetes, cholesterol and inflammation.

However, I rarely find I have to recommend Nattokinase, Indian gooseberry, L’carnatine, D-Ribose or Co Enzyme Q10. Instead I introduce people to diet and lifestyle changes with my Future Health Now! program. And I start most clients on some form of magnesium.

I’m also not inclined to recommend expensive products promoted by doctors whose job it is to scare people into thinking they need these products. Or confuse people by saying the opposite of what research says just so they can appear more knowledgeable. It’s a sales tactic and I don’t like seeing people manipulated.

Leaping to use Nattokinase and Indian Gooseberry if you are not already fully supplemented with magnesium reminds me of how allopathic medicine treats blood pressure. I wrote about this in my Magnesium Miracle book.

I sat in on an appointment with an internist with a patient who had intractable high blood pressure. I asked if he was prescribing magnesium. The doctor said that if the four different types of antihypertensive drugs don’t help a patient, he will add magnesium, and it always works! Only professional courtesy kept me from shouting, “Why not prescribe the magnesium first, before all the other drugs with their nasty side effects?”

My tip for today: Use magnesium first. Then add heart other supplements and only continue them if they are helping you. Don’t be like one of my clients who came to me on 85 supplements a day. His complaint was digestive problems. I told him it was probably from swallowing too many pills! In my Future Health Now Encyclopedia you can read how I treat cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease

And be sure and get a copy of The Magnesium Miracle. You can bring it to your doctor who can help you wean off unnecessary heart medications.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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