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Scouting Out Your Supplements

August 5, 2010

I’m often asked to give an opinion on the latest supplements on the market. Rather than comment on every supplement, and along the lines of teaching someone how to accomplish a task rather than doing it for them, I’ll show you how to track down a good supplement. Here’s a checklist that you can follow.

1.) If the supplement is patented, often the product is not “natural.” Supposedly you can’t patent nature although companies are trying to do it all the time.

2.) Patenting a product will most assuredly increase its price.

3.) If a supplement is all dressed up with a nice story that sounds “too good to be true,” then it probably is. These stories make the supplements work by stimulating your placebo effect.

4.) If a mineral is chelated, that only increases the absorption by a few percentage points.

5.) Calcium in any form apart from Picometer-sized ReCalcia is incompletely absorbed and can build up in the body causing side effects, including increased heart disease.

6.) If a vitamin does not have a food listed as its source, then it’s a synthetic. Methylated B’s will have a methylated form in brackets.

a.)   The jury is out on whether synthetic supplements are equal to natural ones. I don’t think they are. Although the molecules may look the same, the rotational spin on one is right-handed and the spin on the other is left-handed. Therefore they cannot fit into the same vitamin receptor site.

7.) Be wary of products that I call “kitchen-sink supplements.” They claim to have every nutrient in the world encased in a tiny tablet.

a.)    When you look at the ingredient list you may find that the amounts of these nutrients are in the microgram dosages.

b.)   An infinitesimal dose of a nutrient is not therapeutic; it’s only window-dressing.

8.) Be careful of supplements that say they are immune boosting. It’s not wise to take an immune booster every day. Mushrooms are promoted in this way.

9.) My bias favors my products that I outline in this blog: Dr. Dean’s Supplement Recommendations.

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