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Sleeping With The Enemy

August 16, 2010

And the enemy is you! Well it’s part of you. But it’s not your fault! It’s actually the labyrinth of your mind. Here’s what happens. Something in your universe is bothering you so much that you can’t sleep. It could even be the nightly news!

Think about it, you’re inundated at 11pm with all the horrors in the world. How can that be good for your brain? You can’t solve all the world’s problems. You can’t even fathom how they occur. Yet, you lie awake worrying and fretting.

Then there’s the in-laws, the boss, employees, kids, your partner, taxes, your income, your car. You spin them around in your brain like a gramophone all night long. The mental and physical energy associated with a constant state of worry is very depleting.

Many times you’ll have a major event in your life and your sleep suffers. But that’s normal and you should try not to get too upset. You should realize that it will pass. Even though you may want your doctor to give you a sleeping pill so you can get some rest, it may not be the wisest thing to do.

I’ve seen far too many clients getting “hooked” on sleep medications and antianxiety medications. The withdrawal effects are often worse than the original insomnia or anxiety. I’d love to prevent even one person from going down that rabbit hole.

Here are some sleep strategies that I discuss in my Future Health Now! online wellness program and my Future Health Now Encyclopedia.

1. When a major event affects your life, try to remember that “This too shall pass.”

2. Stop watching the nightly news. Staying away from all news programs would serve you well.

3. Don’t watch a rousing rerun of the TV series “24” before bed, your racing adrenaline will only keep you awake.

4. Keep a diary where you write out what’s bothering you in your life. That simple action can keep things “off your mind.”

5. Take magnesium before bedtime to relax your muscles and calm your mind.

6. Read my Treating Coffee Addiction blog and use homeopathic coffea 12x if coffee is keeping you awake.

7. Try to see the glass as half full; give praise for what you do have an try not to focus on what you think you don’t have and make use of the phrase “Not in my universe.”

8. Remember that sleep medications were originally designated for short-term (2 weeks) use only. They never “cure” the underlying reason for insomnia.

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