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Treating Coffee Addiction Naturally

August 12, 2010

Whether coffee is good or bad is relative and based on the individual. For today’s tip, here’s the “Coffee Addiction” excerpt from my Future Health Now Encyclopedia to help you decide whether you are addicted and what to do about it.

Coffee is probably the most consumed beverage on the planet and there are many reasons why. It’s a stimulant and a laxative, which may account for a recent flood of media reporting that coffee is a health drink!

If your blood thins out and circulates well because your heart is stimulated by coffee and you are not as constipated when drinking java – yes, you may experience benefits. If you are already stressed to the max, adrenalin pumping non‐stop and addicted to other stimulants like alcohol and sugar, coffee is simply adding to your stress and toxic load.

An accumulation of stimulants can make your heart jumpy and set your nerves on edge. In a certain group of stressed‐out and toxic folks, even one cup of coffee is enough to trigger heart palpitations. You know you’re addicted because, when you try to stop, you get a pounding headache – that can’t be healthy.

The only way out is to cut it out! The good news is that you don’t have to go cold turkey. Start by taking magnesium supplements. Magnesium citrate powder is a good form to start with. Magnesium is the body’s natural energizer. It also relaxes the bowel, so it has a gentle laxative effect. It’s also calming as it neutralizes adrenalin surges, which prevents anxiety and treats insomnia. All of which are the opposite of coffee’s effects.

Plan a time 2‐3 weeks after starting magnesium to wean off coffee; you will be amazed how easy it can be. With magnesium under your belt, switch to black tea for one week only. Then stop black tea and switch to herbal teas or a grain coffee substitute, available in health food stores.

For withdrawal symptoms of irritability, sensitivity, and headaches take homeopathic Chamomilla 12X (one dose, 3‐4 times a day). If you experience insomnia, take homeopathic Coffea 12X, one dose 3-4 times a day. You can also increase your magnesium intake by one more dose. Take both remedies for one week after you’ve quit. Remember to read labels, because some herb teas, especially green tea, can be caffeinated.

And believe it or not, the clay detox I talk about all day and every day will help you detox from coffee. I use LL’s Magnetic Clay. Start with “Natural Clay.” Simply blend up 1/2 to 1 cup of clay in your blender with lots of water and pour that into your hot water foot bath or tub. Soak for 30 min and wash or shower off.

Giving up coffee is often the first step on your pathway to better health. I cover this and several other addictions along with 133 other conditions in my Future Health Now Encyclopedia eBook. It’s the type of desk reference you can have on your computer desktop that will assist you for many years to come.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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