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Treating Toenail Fungus

September 27, 2010

You don’t think this is an interesting topic? Think again! I was amazed to learn that more than half of everyone over the age of 70 suffers from toenail fungus. Younger people are far from immune. You can even end up with toenail fungus when you have a pedicure! Yes, I can see that you’ll now be compelled to stare at your neighbor’s toes at every opportunity.

To identify toenail fungus, it’s not mushrooms you’re looking for but yucky, thickened, stinky, discolored toenails that seem almost impossible to cure. They can occur when fungus gains a foothold (grin) through minor cuts or bruises. Ill-fitting shoes can irritate your toes and cause the nail to separate from the nail bed and allow infection to become embedded.

OK, enough of what it is. What can you do about it? Fungus grows on dead matter, including dead skin and nails so it’s a matter of keeping your cells alive and healthy and not giving any indication of dying.

Here’s my favorite way to fight nail fungus.

Soak your feet in 2 cups of magnesium flakes or Epsom salts in just enough hot water to cover the tops of your feet. This solution can be reused three or four times. I know, that sounds gross, but magnesium is a pretty strong antibacterial/antifungal treatment. Do this soak every one to two days. You can also blend up some of the clay I’ve been recommending for detox and put it in your soaks.

At night drop 6 drops of Nascent iodine on the toenail or toenails in question. Of course, you’ll have orange toenails, but they’re the rage anyway. Using iodine this way will also create some absorption in your body that can only be beneficial.

Magnesium flakes, Nascent iodine and Clay are all available at LL’s Magnetic Clay.

Just so you know, it takes nails grow an average of 1 cm every 100 day, which means toenails may take a year to grow out! So, we’re talking a long-term commitment of several months to get rid of your toenail fungus naturally. But it’s often the best option since the antifungal drugs that you would have to take otherwise can be pretty nasty.

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