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Chelating with Clay and Magnesium

October 7, 2010

Someone asked me the other day if oral chelating supplements worked as well as clay and magnesium to remove calcium plaque from arteries.

Chelation therapy is a process of stripping heavy metals and other minerals from the body by using drugs (like EDTA) and/or supplements. However this process also removes important minerals like magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium etc.

If you do chelation therapy, regular blood tests have to be done to monitor what minerals you are losing. Then the doctor prescribes IV minerals to replace the ones that were stripped. However, if you’ve read The Magnesium Miracle you know that regular blood tests don’t measure magnesium properly. And you also know that minerals, even by IV, are not absorbed as well as angstrom minerals.

So, for reasons of safety, efficacy and cost effectiveness, I’m sticking with magnesium and clay detox baths. When asked, I also recommend a heavy metal detoxifying formula composed of chlorella and cilantro.

1. Magnesium will help dissolve the calcium in your arteries and tissues putting it back into circulation and excreting the excess. Magnesium is the ultimate chelating agent. Go to my Resources Page to find my magnesium recommendations.

2. Clay Detox Baths may seem very simplistic. But think about it. Every pore on your skin is in contact with the clay in your bath. And clay absorbs toxins from your body through your skin. Clay can remove heavy metals, chemicals and drugs.
I use the Natural Clay formula from LL’s Magnetic Clay. Just blend 1/4 to 1/2 cup of clay in your blender with lots of water and pour that into your hot water foot bath or tub. Soak for 30 min and shower off. Do a bath or footbath at least three times a week, more if you have time.

3. In today’s world, most people have issues with heavy metals and don’t know it. And allopathic medicine isn’t even aware of the problem. To my clients I recommend a safe detox aid. It’s ReAline – a precursor to glutathione the most important natural detox agent in the body.

I talk about all these detox factors in Future Health Now! If you’re not yet a member, do your own research and be sure and choose a safe way to detox as part of your future health.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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