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Clay Unclogs You But Doesn’t Clog Your Drain

October 19, 2010

Hot on the heels of my blog Clay for Detox and Infections I received a request for another blog. The reader understood that I can’t personally answer letters anymore but asked me to write about whether clay could clog drain pipes while it’s cleaning our your body.

It is a great question and I’ll give you the answer that the company gave me. Jared at LL’s Magnetic Clay says:

“So long as you are mixing the clay in a blender first, you can use large amounts when it comes to city sewer systems. All of us here have done 20+ cup baths on numerous occasions without issues. The only potential for problems is if someone just throws the clay powder in the tub and lets it clump. But even in that case our drain screen would catch the clumps.

Septic systems are a different story though, and we recommend no more than 2 cups per bath so you don’t upset the bacteria balance. Anything more and we say to remove it manually from the tub when you’re done.

The universal instructions are – 1/2 cup in a blender for 15 seconds, pour into hot tub of water, soak for 30 min, rinse down the drain. No other clean-up is required.”

Thanks Jared! But twenty cups of clay in one bath! Wow, that’s like an old-fashioned mud bath – the more the better! As Jared says, people who use clay are amazed at the benefits. Go to LL’s Magnetic Clay for a good clean mudbath!

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