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Diet and Dementia

October 4, 2010

The following reader responded to my article Just Stay No to Drugs. She told me a very inspiring story about her mother that I want to share with you.

She said “I’m my mom’s caregiver. She has what we believe to be Lewy Body Dementia, which gives her intense hallucinations if I don’t feed her real foods.

She is not on any pharma drugs. All of them tend to make her hallucinate more and have difficult behaviors.. One’s that can scare me.

Since I’ve been caring for her she eats only real food, no preservatives and limited dairy (she’s Italian and loves cheese.). No gluten. Nothing white, including potatoes. I’ve modified how I cook.

And the result is that she’s lost 100 pounds, is off all insulin, no longer has sleep apnea and her outrageous blood pressure is under control. My demented mother has come alive with food as medicine, a good Naturopath and supplements. (The magnesium recommendation has been an awesome addition for both my mom and me.)

She also gets acupuncture twice a week and through all this she has discovered a passion for dancing. She dances for her hallucinations. She’s happy and lives at home with me and my family.

Thanks Dr. Dean for your blogs and sharing what you have learned. You encourage me to know that I’m on the right track with my mom and not to believe most of her regular doctors who say things like, ‘Hmmm… she’s not on any pharma meds? She needs to be on something.’

One day Blue Cross Blue Shield even called. They asked me what I did to get my mother off all her drugs. She had been one of those expensive patients who cost them thousands every month.

Hopefully people will understand that the secret to good health is in their backyards with plants that they grow themselves. This experience with my mom has also taught me that it’s never too late to take care of our bodies.”

This correspondence is a perfect validation of how a natural food diet, supplements and the right attitude can have a tremendous effect even in extreme conditions like dementia!

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