The Failure of Gene Therapy - Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Failure of Gene Therapy

October 19, 2010

I receive a lot of requests from writers who want to speak with health experts on various topics. The latest asked about “The Future of Medicine.” Hey, I thought, right up my alley. I’ve spent my whole professional life developing Future Health Now! Finally someone in the media has recognized my work!

But alas, alack, they wanted to explore stem cells, nanotechnology and gene therapy! Since my response will likely never be published I thought I’d share it with my readers.

After 30+ years in medicine, I remain one of the few doctors that stays with the basics. What works with my clients is very simple. Here’s a small smattering of what I recommend to treat and prevent the following.

Autism: Begin by avoiding gluten and casein. In my experience, if that’s not done, anything else you throw at them doesn’t seem to matter.

For angina, high blood pressure, asthma, muscle cramping, diabetes, pre-eclampsia and migraines: magnesium is the basic treatment. If you don’t begin with that, any other nutrients or drugs don’t have a chance.

For the thyroid and immune system weakness: Start with iodine.

For immune system weakness, osteoporosis, cancer and dozens of other conditions: make sure you use Vitamin D.

So, when medical technology tries to promote stem cells, gene therapy and nano technology, I can’t help but counter that none of these therapies will “work” if the body is already nutrient depleted. I’ve heard that exact complaint from doctors who work with stem cells.

How can “new” genes and “new” stem cells work in a body that doesn’t have the necessary building blocks. Genes and stem cells can’t “create” new healthy cells out of thin air, they have to use the building blocks from the body they land in.

In Epigenetic’s we learn that genes are turned on and off by the nutrient broth in which they swim. Rats with genes that are programmed for obesity won’t get obese if they have sufficient B vitamins. It’s the same with humans…you can give someone a “healthy gene” to replace a defective one but without the necessary nutrients you haven’t done anything to improve their health. The new healthy genes and stem cells will die out without the necessary nutrient support.

Unfortunately, as long as people are “teased” with the possibility of a “cure” with stem cells, gene therapy and nanotechnology, they will never take responsibility for their own health. They won’t eat, sleep or exercise for their benefit because they think some “pill in the future” will cure them.

So, if all you have to look forward to is ineffective genetic manipulation, it’s high time you joined Future Health Now! and learned how to take care of yourself…cause nobody else will!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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