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Calm Kids for the Holidays

December 20, 2010

In The Magnesium Miracle I talk about the best supplements for kids, especially kids with ADHD and autism.

My list includes methylated B vitamins (because kids with autism and ADHD have trouble methylating their own B vitamins). For brain health, essential fatty acids are important. To reduce sugar cravings, zinc is necessary. And lots of magnesium is the foundation for hundreds of metabolic processes in the body.

The feedback I get from parents when they take all these important supplements is fantastic. They report that their ADHD kids are calmer and more focused in school. One parent said that not only did her son’s ADHD behavior diminish considerably but with the supplements he got his appetite back and was gaining weight. One Dad said that after a month on the above supplements his son’s behavior was remarkably improved. From temper tantrums to hugging and snuggling!

The problem with this approach has been that kids have a hard time swallowing all those pills. Parents usually have to crush them up and hide them in foods. I don’t recommend chewable supplements because minerals can scrape the teeth. They also leave sugar residue between the teeth. And sometimes they include dangerous artificial sweeteners.

Magnesium oil in your kid’s bath is one way to avoid an oral supplement. And using clay in the bath will help with detoxification. In fact, one family reported that their son’s eczematous skin dramatically improved after one week of clay and magnesium baths. Go to for safe magnesium oil and/or bath flakes and clay.

But magnesium oil is only one of the many nutrients that can benefit kids. So, I’m happy to report some good news on the supplement front. Natural Vitality, the company that makes Natural Calm (a magnesium citrate powder), is the first one (I know of) that includes all the above supplement recommendations in their children’s supplement. It’s an excellent liquid formula for kids. And I’ve already been hearing great reports about it.

Make the holiday season even happier by giving your kids or grandkids a healthy present! You can find Kid’s Calm Multi at your health food store or at a deep discount at many online stores such as

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