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Magnesium Recommendations

January 27, 2011

I received an email from a massage therapist who said she saw a magnesium miracle today. A client with chronic muscle pain throughout her body took magnesium pills with no relief. Then she tried a bottle of nano ionic magnesium (angstrom). Two days later she was a different woman. The massage therapist said that when clients have already taken magnesium pills it is hard to convince them that they may still be deficient because they weren’t taking the right form for their particular case.

I’m asked this question every day. What are the best magnesium products? Here is my list and it’s a short one! I choose these products because they seem to suit everyone at any level of health.


Pico-Ionic Magnesium: ReMag is the form I use personally to avoid the laxative effect. This non-laxative magnesium is absorbed 100% at the cellular level. Minerals enter cells through channels that are 500 picometers wide (about 5 billionth of a meter). We normally rely on plants to break magnesium down to this size but some companies use a process that breaks magnesium down to a picometer size. In my experience 100 mg of Pico-Ionic magnesium has the same beneficial effect as 5-10 times the other forms of magnesium.

ReMag also comes in a lotion, especially for children who don’t like the strong taste of ReMag.

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