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Lying Down Therapy

February 11, 2011

Do not underestimate the benefits of simple therapies. I’ve made that pretty obvious because I spend so much time recommending one mineral – magnesium and one detox – clay. And here’s the latest!

I’ve had several clients recently who are suffering from adrenal exhaustion but the very cause of their condition…too much work and stress makes it difficult for them to accept the therapy…which is REST.

When one client, who is on the health program I laid out for her, emailed to ask what else she could do or take to get over her fatigue, I said REST.

She commented that what I said made a lot of sense and that she wouldn’t have thought of that as a solution. She also remarked that was probably the reason she was in her present state because she’s never really RESTED in the past three decades!

She thanked me for giving her permission to adjust her schedule to work fewer long days. She said she would put her favorite music on and put her feet up.

I told her that I’m a Type A and we tend to work through or exercise through our fatigue, but now is the time to REST and nap. So my advice is – if you are feeling tired and you have the opportunity, stop what you’re doing and nap or REST.

This is the time of year when your body wants to nap and REST. It’s winter – even in Hawaii, and the napping urge is stronger. Think hibernation.

Also for those of us who have been working non-stop for decades, we have a lot to thank our bodies for and give them some appreciation in the form of REST.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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