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Magnesium, Cancer and Yeast in the Media

February 5, 2011

This blog is devoted to media. I’ve been very busy lately doing interviews on a whole slew of Internet radio shows. Mainstream media does sound bites but allows no real education about health. So, Internet radio has taken over. There are thousands of shows and the only way you hear about them is through social media (Twitter/Facebook) or blogging.

Since I have a lot of good health information to share – besides my books, blogs and Future Health Now online wellness program I try to do lots of radio interviews. Most of these shows are available to download on your iPod and are a great filler for your day.

1. On Tuesday February 8, 2011, go to at 9am PST or listen to the archive. I’ll be a guest of Dr. Robert Rose and we’ll be talking about magnesium on his show Controversy, Civility, Compromise. Here is Dr. Rose’s home page on WebTalkRadio.

2. Wednesday February 9, 2011 at 8:30am PST join me with Nancy Ferrari on Her show Feel Free in the OC. It’s also on and will be archived. This show is another look at magnesium but you’ll be amazed how different hosts bring out different aspects of magnesium. Use this link to see Nancy’s BlogTalkRadio home page.

Here are a few archived shows that I’ve done in the past few months.

3. On the show, Eat, Exercise, Live with host Shira we cover “Naturopathic Versus Allopathic Medicine.

4. On the show Eat, Exercise, Live with host Shira Litwack we tackle the topic “Cancer Prevention is Your Best Cure.”

5. “Yeast Overgrowth with Dr. Carolyn Dean” is the title of a radio show on Health and Wellness Solutions with Dr. Steven Hotze. After this show many people emailed me to say that they finally realized yeast was the cause of their health problems. You can find the audio link here. Or download the mp3 Podcast.

I’m sure some of these links won’t work – there’s just so many of them. If they don’t …just google the name of the host and my name and see if they come up that way! In other words, try not to flood me with emails to sort things out, I’m way too swamped! Thanks.

I’ll also put these links up on my website shortly under Resources. If you go there now you will find some videos, print articles and an audio of a webinar I did on magnesium with Dr. Lani Simpson.

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