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Magnesium, Estrogen and Vitamin D

February 20, 2011

A reader recently asked me to explain the relationship between magnesium and estrogen and other nutrients. I’ll tackle estrogen and vitamin D in this blog.

I talk about the relationship of estrogen to magnesium in my Magnesium Miracle book. One of the original papers I referenced is by Dr. Mildred Seelig in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition and it’s available online at the Magnesium Water website.

According to Dr. Seelig’s considerable research, normal levels of estrogen enhance the uptake and utilization of magnesium by soft tissues and bone. She says this may explain why young women are not subject to heart disease and osteoporosis but then fall victim to the conditions when estrogen secretion declines at menopause.

However, in cases where estrogen is high and magnesium intake is low, the excess estrogen can quickly burn up magnesium making it even more deficient. In the face of low magnesium in blood calcium gains the upper hand and can lead to blood clots, atherosclerosis, kidneys stones, gall stones, heel spurs and calcium deposits in breast cysts and fibromyalgia.

Since there are so many signs and symptoms of excess estrogen, go to Dr. Roby Mitchell’s website and fill out his symptom profile on estrogen dominance. The treatment of estrogen dominance has to be individualized but if you have it you should at least be taking extra magnesium.

Vitamin D
According to the Vitamin D Council, vitamin D has co-factors that the body needs in order to utilize it properly. They are: magnesium, zinc, vitamin K2, boron and a tiny amount of vitamin A. The Council goes on to report that magnesium is the most important of these co-factors. Clinically it is common for rising vitamin D levels to uncover an underlying magnesium deficiency. So if you are taking vitamin D and start to feel worse rather than better, you might be experiencing magnesium deficiency symptoms and need to increase your intake of magnesium.

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