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Take More Magnesium

February 18, 2011

If you are just using one form of magnesium and aren’t getting the results you expect, I recommend you add a different form of magnesium.

A mother recently shared her magnesium miracle story regarding her son.
Her eight-year old son had an elevated ANA (antinuclear antibody that indicates some form of autoimmune disease). He was scheduled to see a rheumatologist in March.

For as long as she could remember her son complained daily that his body hurts: his back, legs, feet or arms. Something was always bothering him. He constantly pulled at his pants and shirts as if they hurt just by touching him. He never seemed comfortable.

His mother had tried a magnesium citrate powder for a few months. It was one that I recommended in a post. He only had some minor improvement. Then she added 2 – 3 tablespoons per day of angstrom magnesium.

After about a week on that dose her son stopped complaining altogether and has not had pain for about 3 weeks now. She also said that magnesium has helped her tremendously with joint pain and insomnia.

Most people get results with the magnesium citrate powder (Natural Calm is the one I recommend). Sipping it in water through the day keeps it from causing the laxative effect. But if you seem to need a lot of magnesium (perhaps because of years of deficiency) add angstrom magnesium. All my product recommendations are on my website under resources.

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