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Blinded by Science

March 9, 2011

I have a half dozen new blogs started but something caught my attention that I wanted to pass on to you immediately. Go to Blinded by Science to receive a free download of a new book by the same name – only available until April 1st.

To get each succeeding chapter you have to make comments about what you read in a forum. You’ll not only get to interact with others but if the author, Matthew Silverstone likes what you say, he’ll include your comments in the final version of the book. It’s a new phenomenon – interactive book writing!

I intend to make comments because I know that we are blinded by science and I want to talk with other people who feel the same way.

Matthew says he wants “to move science in the right direction if only by a small amount.” Now, I don’t know what that direction is, but I’m willing to play.

Here is this week’s media list.

1. Hear the archive of my interview on the Robert Scott Bell show.
We spoke about some articles I’m doing for Mike Adams, on Natural News. Just go to the website and click on my picture to see my articles. Robert and I talk about Helping Someone in the Hospital and the emotional causes of cancer.

2. I did a great interview about Digestion with Shira Litwack. It’s listed on her archive at WebTalkRadio.

3. On Friday March 11, 2011 I’m on a blogtalkradio show with Hollis Chapman on Magnesium although the show overview lists the title as Childhood Obesity and Diabetes.

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