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Sprained Ankle Remedies

March 4, 2011

Sometimes I think I injure myself just to make use of all my remedies. A few days ago I twisted my right ankle over the edge of the beach boardwalk. I also landed on my left knee where I sustained a bad gravel burn.

What did I do to be able to stand in one day and walk within two days?

I immediately opened my vial of my homeopathic arnica that I carry with me at all times. I took a few pellets for shock, swelling, pain and bruising and more doses every 15 minutes.

Then I had to walk home. You can’t hail a cab on the walkway or even on the streets in Maui but I made it.

At home I mixed a half-teaspoon of clay in water and put that on my gravel burn to pull out the dirt.

Then I poured several ounces of magnesium oil in a bucket of warm water and soaked both feet.

After the soak I applied arnica cream and ice packs to my ankle and continued to take arnica by mouth every two hours.

At night I put on a wool sock saturated with castor oil and wrapped my foot in a plastic bag. I slept on the living room couch because I couldn’t hop up the stairs on one foot. I supported my legs with several pillows so my feet were elevated.

The next day I was able to stand and took a much needed shower. Then it was more ice, more arnica cream and another castor oil sock at night.

I knew I was out of the woods when my gravel burn hurt more than my ankle sprain!

Today I’m using magnesium cream on my ankle under a clean sock and except for bruising pain on my ankle bone, my foot feels pretty good.

To hasten full recovery I’ll be sure to massage my leg muscles and get a professional massage to balance out my leg and thigh muscles from hopping on my left leg.

So, that’s it, all done without any pain killers and a gratefulness that I have so many remedies that really work!

Because someone is bound to ask, I get my magnesium oil, magnesium cream and clay from LL’s Magnetic Clay.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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