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Alternatives for Disease and Radiation

April 25, 2011

People have been asking why I haven’t written my blog for almost two weeks. In my blogs I like to give out alternative options and choices for treating disease conditions that people are suffering.

But here’s what happens. I get a great question from a reader but then the explanation becomes too long for a blog that people want to read on their iPhone etc. So, I end up making the blog into an full-length article that I post on my webpage on Mike Adams, Natural News website.

Below are the articles that are up so far. The one I just started…as a blog…that will become an article is titled “Why are Hiatal Hernias Ignored?”

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If any of these topics interest you, go to the Dr. Carolyn Dean webpage at Natural News.

Also reread my blog of March 16, 2011 where I outline various treatments for radiation.

Here is a brief summary:

1. Clay and magnesium flakes in baths or footbaths from LL’s Magnetic Clay. There are several good articles on detoxification and radiation on the LL’s site that I found very useful.

2. LL’s has a specific Radiation Clay Detox formula chock full of herbs including an herbal source of iodine and activated charcoal. The hot water in your bath opens up your pores to release toxins that bind to the clay but it also allows absorption of healing herbs.

3. Another product that I recommend for heavy metal detox is HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) a product that removes uranium and many other heavy metals as well.

4. Activated charcoal taken orally can also help neutralize radiation as well as other poisons.

5. Thyme tea, rosemary tea, miso soup and seaweeds are good antiradiation measures that you can also take. Remember, the survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the “seaweed eaters.”

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