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April 6, 2011

James Charnock has written 167 book reviews on Amazon. He’s also the author of a 2011 book for educators titled The Creative Teacher: Activities for Language Arts. I just noticed that he contributed the following to the advancement of magnesium in a review of The Magnesium Miracle. James recounts his experience with the miracle mineral.

“I AM a believer in this Scientific “miracle”. Two short stories. A few years ago I would get cramps in the calf of my left leg upon awakening. This infrequent event morphed into a daily morning ritual. The cramping upon awakening was not just daily, but multiple and had spread to my right calf also and then to contorting my toes. I was literally “yelling” in pain; rubbing did no good. The final assault was in my hands: Due to some triggering movement my fingers would freeze into a weird, contorted shape; I had no control; I simply had to endure.

Knowing most GPs know little about nutrition and are prone to give some drug, I inquired at my health food store. It was recommended that I take 400mg capsules of calcium with 200 mg of magnesium just before bedtime. I did so. The next morning when I awoke I could not even induce the slightest cramp! That was a “miracle” to me. And so it has been for months now because I take a regimen of calcium with magnesium. (If I consumed much dairy, I would not take additional calcium.)

A final story. Although a senior citizen I am very physically active (tennis and the gym deplete magnesium, by the way) and around this time I was due for my yearly physical. It showed that I had a mild heart arrhythmia even though my large veins and arteries are “whistle clean” of occlusion. This book tells me that my body runs on electrical impulses and magnesium is essential for good heart health (among many functions), and that low magnesium–which I knew I had–is essential for good heart health. And that low magnesium can cause heart arrhythmia and even stroke no matter how clean ones arteries are. So, I was glad to have added magnesium to my supplement list, even upping it from 400 to 600 mg a day.

This small volume is an easy read and so reassuring with the scientifically-backed research. You will find it very enlightening how essential magnesium is. I highly recommend this book to everyone currently suffering (or not) the ill effects of low magnesium.”

Thank you James, and thanks to everyone else who has written a review of the book or lent or given the book to a friend or relative. Your generosity has very likely saved someone’s life!

The life-saving Magnesium Miracle is only $10.88 on Amazon or you purchase the eBook How to Change Your Life with Magnesium for only $5.00 on my website under Books.

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