Diagnostic Ultrasound

May 5, 2011

My friend, Dr. Galina Migalko just opened her new office. It’s called Universal Medical Imaging Group. Dr. Migalko is an expert in using ultrasound as a diagnostic tool. She can do a head-to-toe ultrasound that rivals a CT scan or MRI.

I love ultrasound because there is no radiation involved, no needles and no magnetic fields. And in the hands of an expert like Galina, who can see beyond the sound wave pictures, you can be assured of your diagnosis. I’ve referred people from across the country for the accuracy of her testing.

I know most of you don’t live in Los Angeles or travel there. But if you do or have friends or relatives in LA, please consider using Galina’s services. For the rest of you, this note may serve as a reminder that when you go for allopathic tests ask your doctor if an ultrasound test would suffice instead of an X-ray, CT scan or MRI.

Media Update: You can find my latest article, “The Medical Monopoly: It’s not about who’s right or wrong but who’s in charge” at Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com.

Diagnostitis: The Power of Words” is another article that will be up shortly.

Here is a great piece of tongue-in-cheek satire from my friend, Dr. Roby Mitchell that describes the current state of allopathic medicine. “I started hearing this knocking sound in my engine and this warning sign came up on the instrument panel. Fortunately, a good friend is a doctor. He prescribed some ear plugs and duct tape. Now I can’t hear the noise and the sign is blocked by the duct tape. An added bonus is he said this will take care of any problem I have later with squeaking brakes.”

The message? Don’t cover up symptoms with treatments that will only cause more problems in the future.

Roby’s byline is “You can’t medicate yourself out of symptoms that you behaved yourself into.” Both Roby and Galina support my Future Health Now! 2-Year Online Wellness Program as the best way to gently change your lifestyle to be compatible with a long and healthy life!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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