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Facebook Prayers

May 11, 2011

For the past 11 days I’ve been experiencing the power of focused group-prayer. My godson, DJ (Lorne) fell off a 3-story building in Montreal while climbing up to the roof to watch the sunrise.

Very quickly some of DJ’s college friends put up a Facebook page called Everybody Loves Lorne. Dozens of family and friends gather inside and outside the hospital, singing, praying, meditating and providing hands-on-healing. People from all over the world offer distance-prayer and distance-healing.

The rule for what I call the Lazarus Effect is to hold the person going through a life challenge in their perfection. That’s what Jesus did. He never called it healing. He simply saw people who asked him for help as whole.

That’s what we are doing with DJ. Holding the intention and energy that DJ is fully recovered and his physical body is just catching up with that reality. It’s hardest on my dear friends, his parents. They have to listen to the doctors who feel they must tell them the worst. But then they quickly focus on how amazingly well DJ is doing and the support of hundreds of friends and the power of their love.

Go to Facebook and read the Everybody Loves Lorne page; it’s very inspiring. You can join if you like. You can also make your own Facebook page for your loved one when they need your support. It makes this form of social media very powerful and very meaningful.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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