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Mastering Miracles

May 15, 2011

People have been asking for a report on how my godson, Lorne (age 21), is recovering from falling off a 3-story building. Here is the Facebook entry from Lorne’s father that was just posted to give you evidence of the power of love and prayer.

Reiner writes: “Two weeks ago today, Gayle and I arrived at the ICU to witness the horror of our boy’s condition. It is now two weeks later and he has more than risen to the many challenges put to him in the recovery process.

He has endured two major surgical interventions (back surgery and wired jaws), the existence of copious tubes and monitors strapped to his person night and day… the ceaseless monitoring, turning, blood sampling, x-rays, CT scans, MRIs… trachea tube and feeding peg insertions and in the midst of this barrage.

You have all been there with him and us and one another. To try to define what your dedication and kindness has meant to us and to Lorne, would be well beyond the meager constraints of words. The evidence is clearly manifest in that he is here and fighting and healing and trying to reach out to us all.

There can be no clearer expression of gratitude and love than watching Lorne slowly coming back from a place we wish no one to have to experience.

Today on this rainy day he is calm and seems to be concentrating on resting which for the healing process is so vital… visitors are coming and going and he is present but very laid back on the new pain drugs they are giving him.

He keeps trying to get up and this is only a glimpse of the determination yet to challenge all of us… but can simultaneously be perceived as a sign of progress in the progression toward recovery.

He opens those big blue eyes most of the time… sees us, investigates the ceiling, checks to reacquaint himself with the machines hovering over him… then just as calmly closes his eyes again. So it goes…

A large, ever- expanding embrace goes out to you all.

Much love to you.

Reinhard, Gayle and Lorne

P.S. Just heard that Lorne is currently being moved to the 12th floor to room 1240 yeahhhhh a ICU graduate

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