Shifting Shingles

May 29, 2011

Herpes zoster is the medical term for shingles. It is the reactivation of the chickenpox virus, which usually occurs in older people, but can happen in anyone who is undergoing massive stress. At times the pain is so severe that cortisone and strong painkillers must be used so that you can rest and sleep. However, acupuncture by a skilled practitioner can often give relief.

First Aid:

* Capsaicin cream: Made from red pepper, this cream causes a counter irritation of the skin that sometimes breaks the pain cycle. Start with a very small amount of cream and gauge your reaction before using a full dose.

* Apple Cider Vinegar – Apply to blisters with soft cloth to dry up blisters and control pain. Repeat as often as needed.

* Clay: Do a trial of a clay and water poultice to test if the blisters can be dried out. Mix a few teaspoons of clay with a few teaspoons of water and cover the lesions. Leave on overnight. Repeat if the treatment helps remove plain and inflammation. LL’s Magnetic Clay.


* Vitamin B complex: Choose a food‐based organic product. Dosage: twice daily. Grown by Nature.

* Vitamin E: As mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols in a food-based organic product. Dosage: 800 IU daily. Grown by Nature.

* B12 sublingual: 1,000 micrograms daily.

* Magnesium: Choose an angstrom‐sized liquid mineral product. Take one dose twice daily. Health Shop 101.

* Lysine: This amino acid “neutralizes” arginine, which simulates the shingles virus. Take 1,000mg three times a day away from protein especially dairy.


* Ranunculus: For the neuralgia

* Mezereum: For the itching and burning.

* Rhus tox, Apis, Arsenicum, Natrum mur, Cantharis, and Clematis have also been used for the symptoms of shingles.

Any of these remedies can be taken in the 12X potency, one dose hourly. Consult Part Five of Future Health Now Encyclopedia or a homeopathic manual to match your symptoms more closely with a specific remedy.

Excerpted from my eBook, Future Health Now Encyclopedia – 375 pages detailing alternative therapies for over 134 ailments from over 40 years of studying and practicing natural medicine. Now at the discounted price of $11.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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