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Too Toxic to Detox!

May 19, 2011

I have a client who felt too sick to have necessary spinal surgery on her neck. Any attempt at strong internal detoxification was met with worsening of symptoms. However, we did some gentle detoxing and the surgery went extremely well.

After surgery the symptoms of toxicity came back along with lymph node swelling in one armpit as the lymphatic system was helping to clear toxins from the wound. At that point I recommended a concoction of clay and castor oil to be used as a poultice.

It’s a simple recipe. Using a fork, mix clay and castor oil together in a bowl. You can start with 4-6 TBSP of each and add more clay to create a cookie dough consistency. Put the mixture on a small washcloth and place over areas with lots of lymph nodes: breasts, liver, armpits, groin and according to the condition you want to treat.

Use first aid tape to attach the washcloth to your body to keep it in place. Tape a plastic bag on top to keep the castor oil from oozing out onto your clothes. My client taped a poultice to her sore armpit in the morning and then replaced it with a new poultice at night. She found that she slept deep and long when she did this. She also found that the poultice took away the indigestion, heart palpitations, anxiety and most of the detox symptoms she was having. She said “I once again became the person I remembered myself to be.”

How cool and miraculous is that!

Clay packs are indicated for inflammation with signs of swelling, redness and heat around the affected joint or boil. Clay draws toxins out through the skin into the clay. Use one time and then discard.

Castor oil packs increase circulation to an area and stimulate the lymphatic system to mobilize toxins aiding in detoxification. They are excellent for organ pain, especially of the liver, pancreas and kidneys and help relieve muscle spasms.

The combination together more than doubles the results!

I use Heritage Products castor oil. My recommendation for a superior form of poulticing clay is LL’s Magnetic Clay. You can also use it for clay detox baths (that even neutralize radiation) and acne face masks.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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