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Magnesium for Horses & Humans

July 29, 2011

A reader, inspired by my post on Prescript Assist for Dogs, Cats & Squirrels, wrote me about her amazing experiences with horses and magnesium. She says:

“I swear by the use magnesium on myself and also on my horses. It’s worked miracles on high strung, nervous horses, sore stiff movers and even problem horses with behavioral issues like rearing and bucking. It takes a few weeks to build up in their systems but, boy what a difference!!! If I need to fast track it on a lame horse, I’ll put a TBSP of epsom salts in their grain morning and evening. (My farrier told me about that trick) It makes a huge difference, even in lamintis (painful foot).

I had one upper level dressage horse that would buck when you tried to put your leg on him. Not any more. I have an 17.2 (hands high) ex-show jumper that gets too anxious in the ring who is now doing so well, I can’t get over it. He’s so relaxed and happy and it’s only been a month since he came to me. He was nitro when he arrived. Boy you can bet I was having second thoughts when he stepped off the trailer.

Yes, I do get comments from other horsey people that magnesium can’t work because their vet would have told them about it but I don’t even go there. I get results with my horses and people are safe with them, it works. I won’t miss a dose and neither do they. I just had to share.”

A human story comes from a 70-year old woman who had severe eczema on her legs. She said she spent a lot of money on creams and potions and drugs but the rash would always come back. And the itch was always there and unbelievably irritating. Scratching to relieve the itching created large lesions and infections and aggravated her varicose veins causing swelling and redness. It was so bad her doctor took a biopsy of the lesions and said it was only eczema and she had to learn to live with it.

Then at bible class one night a friend gave her magnesium oil to try. She sprayed it on immediately. It burned very badly because of open wounds from scratching but in about 30 minutes everything calmed down. The itching was relieved immediately and it never came back. She used it morning and night. The burning sensation only lasted for a few days and the swelling and redness went down. Now a couple months later there is no more eczema and her varicose veins are about half the size. Her legs are clear and smooth and she can show them off on in her capris.

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