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Medical Mysteries Solved with Magnesium

July 3, 2011

Nancy recently wrote a review of The Magnesium Miracle on She says:

“Six years ago I was diagnosed with GERD. Since then I’ve experienced a cascade of symptoms including arrhythmia, constipation, muscle pain, tightness & cramps, menorrhagia, fatigue, tingling & pin prick sensations. I have a history of depression, TMJ, neck & upper back muscle pain. I’ve been to many physicians who can’t seem to find anything wrong with me & advised me to take an anti-depressant.

After years of research and trial an error, I began to suspect a magnesium deficiency, but reading the Magnesium Miracle really laid it all out for me. My gastro had already suggested taking magnesium but wasn’t specific about type or dosage.

After reading this book and sorting all that out I also discovered that the FDA had just issued a warning that GERD meds (proton pump inhibitors, PPIs) cause magnesium deficiency! Further research showed that the FDA has warned that PPIs cause bone fractures!

My gastro was very interested in my personal experience and is helping me wean off the PPI.

I have come to the conclusion that it was a magnesium deficiency that caused the TMJ and depression some years ago and ultimately lead to the GERD problem by affecting my pyloric valve and its effectiveness in allowing stomach contents to enter the small intestines.

Taking the PPIs for this issue only exacerbated the already underlying magnesium deficiency causing all the more recent symptoms. After many failed attempts in the past to wean off the PPIs I am finally doing it without any increase in GERD symptoms thanks to magnesium!

Needless to say I have found relief from all my symptoms. This book has saved me from the Catch-22 of modern allopathic medicine and drug treatment that is all too common. I can’t recommend it enough! In fact, I recommend it to anyone who will listen!”

And I thank want to thank Nancy because she made me realize that GERD and gastroparesis (sluggish emptying of the stomach) are both related to magnesium deficiency!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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