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Preventing & Treating Strokes & TIAs

July 12, 2011

Here’s a common scenario that I hear from people who write to me for a consultation or advice.

“I was recently told by my doctor that my MRI shows I’m having TIAs (transient ischemic attacks-mini strokes). My total cholesterol is borderline at 211 but my doctor wants to put me on a statin drug and a blood thinner. I already take blood pressure meds, thyroid and lasix.”

Lasix is a diuretic that removes fluids from the body in order to lower blood pressure. Commonsense tells me that less water in the body means your blood can become “thicker,” which is a predisposition for stroke. When you take medication you are also setting yourself up for “thicker” blood. The body treats synthetic drugs as foreign substances triggering mechanisms to neutralize and eliminate the offender. That reaction is called inflammation, which is another predisposition for stroke.

What do I recommend to prevent TIAs and stroke? You may be surprised to hear that I start with magnesium. Why? Because magnesium will keep your blood pressure normal so you don’t end up on diuretics and blood pressure drugs; it will keep your cholesterol balanced so you don’t end up on statin drugs; and it will also naturally keep your blood from thickening.

Even in the extreme cases of stroke itself research shows that magnesium sulfate reduces the size of a stroke in animal studies. It has numerous beneficial neuroprotective and vascular effects. It is effective in treating in humans who have altered cerebral blood flow. And if administered early after stroke onset (within 3 hours) it prevents further damage.

What else can you do besides take magnesium? Eat well, exercise, be happy and detoxify. The nutrients for preventing stroke include bioflavins from organic fruit; essential fatty acids from wild salmon and coconut oil; and trace minerals from organic vegetables. I always encourage people to start with a good diet before buying expensive supplements.

My favorite methods of detoxification include magnesium and coconut oil. Everything is detailed under resources on my website and in past blogs but here’s an overview for new readers or for people who need to hear it over and over again before they get the message.

Magnesium oil and magnesium flakes: Rub the oil on your skin and use the magnesium flakes in baths and footbaths.

Magnetic clay: Use together with magnesium flakes. Blend ¼-½ cup and pour into a bath. When blended it won’t clump or clog drains. In fact, it probably cleans out your drains as well as any radiation effects in your body!

Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid that among dozens of other benefits helps detoxify all the fat in your body.

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