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Settling Seizures

July 21, 2011

I’ve recently had emails from readers and clients about seizures. One health professional had three brain surgeries 30 years ago for epilepsy and is on seizure medication with good results. However he said that a few months ago, after being prescribed mega doses of Vitamin D from his neurologist, he had his first seizure in thirteen years.

I told him that magnesium has an important calming effect on the brain and high doses of Vitamin D can unmask an underlying magnesium deficiency. He also said his last series of seizures 13 years ago happened the day after eating too much ice cream. Ice cream is a high calcium dairy product which can also unmask a magnesium deficiency.

Even though his seizure medication prevents his grand mal seizures he explained that he experiences night-time foot twitches, shoulder fasciculations, anxiety and other pre-seizure signs. He was writing to say that he discovered magnesium recently and seems to have conquered a lot of those symptoms.

I saw that he was taking a very low amount of magnesium oxide which is only 4% absorbed and urged him to look into other types of magnesium that I outline on my resources page. I also suggested he pursue detoxification for possible mercury toxicity (due to his line of work) and the possible toxicity of long-term seizure medication. For detox I recommended clay and magnesium baths from LL’s Magnetic Clay. You can google my name and clay and find many articles and blogs describing the benefits.

I also recommended oral coconut oil 2-5 TBSP per day to “heal the brain.” A client of mine who has had seizures for fifteen years had his first seizure-free week when he worked up to 5 TBSP of oil per day. He is also taking magnesium in various forms. You can find my article on coconut oil and Alzheimer’s at Natural News.

Let me caution you that both these individuals are also taking seizure medication. I think that the magnesium and coconut oil will allow them to reduce their medications and start healing the cause but I’m not telling them or you to stop taking your medication.

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