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Magnesium & Arthritis

August 5, 2011

I’d like to share with you a magnesium miracle testimonial that may be of benefit to you or someone you know.

“As I reached my 78th birthday last winter, it was unpleasant but no surprise that my hands suffered an attack of arthritis. As is common, the pain was mostly at the base of my thumbs, and it was also not surprising that the left hurt a lot more than the right because I’m left handed and use it more in my body work practice.

It got so bad I could hardly use the hand at all. So, in February, although I hated the idea, I had a steroid shot. That solved the immediate problem and the left thumb is fine now, but in the last 2 months my right thumb has been getting more painful.

I just didn’t want to take the steroid path again. So last week, out of the blue, I decided to spray my right thumb every morning and night with 2 bursts of the magnesium spray from the Magnetic Clay people. Guess what? That’s right! Not only is the pain pretty much gone but the thumb, which seemed to be shortening as tendons tightened, now has a longer stretch. Maybe not a miracle, but pretty close to it! I still get twinges, but feel much more freedom in the hands, which is indispensable, as I use them to access the tensions of others all the time.”

What’s the lesson from this story? First, there are safer ways than steroid shots to relieve symptoms of joint inflammation. We also learn that many of us, even body worker’s who know the wisdom of the body, think that having arthritis comes as no surprise as you get older. But that’s not true. Arthritis only means inflammation of the joints: arthr- is Latin for joint and -itis means inflammation. Arthritis is just a word, not a disease. But often if we get an ache or a pain we start labeling it arthritis and let it take hold in our body because we think it’s “no surprise.” The surprise comes when you do something natural and find that you have “control over your body.”

One unfortunate result of you and doctors believing you have arthritis is that you are often prescribed steroid shots or anti-inflammatory drugs. But be aware of this 2011 study “NSAID Use Associated With Risk of Atrial Fibrillation or Flutter.” It tells me that NSAID’s probably contribute to magnesium deficiency because they are associated with heart fibrillation and flutter. But what if your joint inflammation began as a magnesium deficiency?

Our reader uses magnesium oil spray from my recommended source, LL’s Magnetic Clay. I like using our magnesium lotion for muscle and joint aches. For symptoms of “arthritis” I would also recommend magnetic clay baths or clay poultices. You can read previous blogs to find out how to use the clay.

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