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Beneficial Mucus Elimination (BME) Weight Loss Cure!

September 13, 2011

Earlier this year I videotaped a series of critiques on various “diet cures.” Mostly I dissed them all and promoted a balanced diet along with exercise and lifestyle changes. You can see the series at

However, my recent brush with a cold left me on a minimal diet with the result of losing a few pounds. So I’ll share it with you as the BME Weight Loss Cure!

Here’s what I’m presently eating and drinking.

a. 1-2 shakes of ReStructue protein powder (Calories 60) (and green powder (Calories 40) (from Tropical Traditions).
b. 1 nectarine: Calories 50
c. 2 oranges: Calories 110
d. Hot Lemonade (AKA The Master Cleanser): 1 quart water, 4 TBSP concentrated lemon juice, 1 TBSP maple syrup, pinch of cayenne, pinch of ginger. Calories: 60
e. 1 quart Costco organic chicken broth seasoned with Spike and cayenne and 1/8th cup chicken. I began drinking this after about 4pm. Calories: 30
f. Popcorn, from organic corn, popped in coconut oil, with added seasalt (no butter). Every 2-3 days. Calories not counted.

Total Calories: 350

Of course it helped to have no appetite as I was exuding gobs of mucus. However, I feel fine on it and am losing a half to a full pound a day. I think it’s a great detox to do if you don’t feel well.

Media: On my recent radio show about magnesium on Magnificent Menopause a question about Vitamin K2 helping to grow bones came up. I said if you eat lots of greens you get your Vitamin K. But the whole story is that Vit K1 comes from greens and is broken down in your gut by beneficial bacteria to Vit K2. But, in order for that to happen, you have to have those beneficial bacteria. To ensure a good supply of beneficial bacteria, I recommend the probiotic, Prescript Assist. It’s so powerful you only have to take one or two per week. You can also get Vit K2 from natto, cheese and curds or pills. But why buy pills when you can just improve your gut and let your body do what comes naturally.

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