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Drugs versus Magnesium

September 10, 2011

Two things caught my attention recently and I just had to pass them along. A reader reminded me that many types of aspirin are buffered with magnesium, which some researchers say may be the actual reason why aspirin helps treat heart disease! Ain’t that a kicker!

So, a wise person might ask, why not just take magnesium if that’s what’s doing all the work anyway? But do your own research before you stop your drugs. Google buffered aspirin and magnesium and see what comes up.

The second thing was the FDA approving botox injections into your face and head for migraines! Compare this painful multi-thousand dollar approach with taking magnesium along with some feverfew and B6 for natural relief. I talk about magnesium for migraines in The Magnesium Miracle.

Migraines can also indicate a toxic overload, for which I recommend clay and magnesium baths. This past week I experienced a “beneficial mucus elimination” AKA-a bad cold. Every day for a week I did a clay and magnesium bath and I noticed that by the end of the week the clay at the bottom of the bath was no longer black but the original grey color. I have no lab tests to prove it but I’m sure it’s an indication that I had less toxins by the end of the week! I recommend LL’s Magnetic Clay and Magnesium Flakes.

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