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Healing Back Pain Naturally

September 2, 2011

Instead of a brief blog on this topic, I’m going to introduce you to a Teleseminar series on back pain organized by a friend of mine, Kathi Casey. It will begin on September 6, 2011 at 8pm EST. Here’s the sign up page where you will find a Special Offer for my Completement Now! online wellness program.

Kathi is a wellness coach and author and is committed to sharing information. She asked me to start off the week-long series and talk about how to treat back pain naturally. We’ll discuss an anti-inflammation, hypoallergenic diet, exercise, detox and what supplements to take for back pain. Of course, I’ll be talking about the various forms of magnesium to use when treating back pain.

Kathi is focusing the whole month of September on reducing back pain and helping the millions who are suffering! She’s calling the series “The Ultimate Back Care Summit – Natural Healing with 7 Masters.”

Here are the other participants in the series.

1. Chiropractor Dr. Sarah Farrant will talk about how to remain healthy and vital and avoid recurring pain well into our golden years

2. Stacey Vornbrock will help us reduce back pain with EFT (tapping)

3. Spring Forest QiGong master Lesley Vincent will show us how to use the ancient practice of Qigong for healing pain

4. Lauren Bondy will teach us about using the LifeLine technique to get to the cause of our symptoms

5. Hale Dwoskin, author of the Sedona Method is also on board to help us.

6. Kathi will also be sharing her best tips for preventing back, neck or shoulder pain.

Kathi is very impressed with my Completement Now! 2-year online wellness program. She said that if people followed my recommendations for a healthy lifestyle they wouldn’t get back pain. She convinced me to offer my program at a huge discount for participants in the seminar.

So, you regular readers of my blog who’ve been sitting on the fence, you can now sign up for Kathi’s Telesummit. Just click on my Special Offer and receive Completement Now! for only $97.00 instead of $240.00. The two-year series normally costs $10.00 a month for 24 months. But for a short time only and for a limited number of new members, with Kathi’s offer, you get all 104 modules for less than a dollar apiece! It’s an incredible deal for a life-changing product.

New Magnesium Research: A dip in the Dead Sea helps cure diabetes. But instead of traveling all the way to the Dead Sea, it sounds to me like you can use natural sea water products. Here are two of my favorites: Natural Calm Sports Bath containing magnesium powder and sea salt or LL’s Magnesium Flakes, which is magnesium chloride that comes from sea water.

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