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It’s All About Lifestyle

September 15, 2011

Here’s an unsolicited testimonial from a reader who just completed the two years of my online wellness program: Completement Now!

She says:

“I just wanted to thank you for all the effort and thought you put into your health modules. It has been a big blessing to me and I’m going back through them all now with a journal book, taking notes and seeing where I am with each one.

Some have been hard for me, like not washing my meal down with water. Many things have helped me right away like darkening my bedroom for better sleep.

I am going through some withdrawal without the weekly input but that’s why I’m keeping my notebooks around me constantly and going back through the info. I did put every page in a plastic protector sheet. Since I can’t sit at the computer long, it has really helped me to have them handy.

Here is a picture of them against the carpet I put in my bedroom last year at the exact same time as your module on carpets… I still say you spied on me….Ho’ponopono nothwithstanding! LOL. That was too funny.

Thanks again for all that you do.”

Since she loved it so much, I signed her up to repeat the whole series (for free) so she could keep enjoying the benefits.

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