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Join the Back Pain Teleseminar

September 5, 2011

Who among us hasn’t suffered back pain at some point? Mine came from muscle spasms related to magnesium deficiency. Other people have back pain due to food allergies! For some it’s poor posture or the type of chair they are sitting in. To find out all there is to know about back pain and how to treat it, join me for a Teleseminar series on back pain by a friend of mine, Kathi Casey. It begins Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 8pm EST. Here’s the sign up page where you will also find a Special Offer for my 2-year wellness program!

Kathi is a wellness coach and author and is committed to sharing information. She asked me to start off the week-long series and talk about how to treat back pain naturally. We’ll discuss an anti-inflammation, hypoallergenic diet, exercise, detox and what supplements to take for back pain. Of course, I’ll be talking about the various forms of magnesium to use when treating back pain.

Kathi is focusing the whole month of September on reducing back pain and helping the millions who are suffering! She will be hosting “The Ultimate Back Care Summit – Natural Healing with 7 Masters”.

Kathi is very impressed with my Completement Now! 2-year online wellness program and talked me into almost giving away the program! I don’t mind because all I want is for people to have tools so they can lead a healthy life. Kathi said that if people followed my recommendations for a healthy lifestyle they wouldn’t get back pain!

So, you regular readers of my blog who’ve been sitting on the fence, you can now sign up for Kathi’s Teleseminar. Then you can click on my Special Offer and receive Completement Now! for only $97.00 instead of $240.00. The two-year series normally costs $10.00 a month for 24 months. But for a short time only and for a limited number of new members, with Kathi’s offer, you get all 104 modules for less than a dollar apiece! It’s an incredible deal for a life-changing product.

A Note from a Reader:

“I wanted to throw a thought over to you – I am in my upper 50s and I remember reading a national geographic article late 60s or early 70s I think….of folks who lived to be 100+…the article talked about 30 or 40 folks…from all over the world…different levels of wealth…different occupations…some from tropics some from cold climates…some male some female…most outlived at least one spouse…some even SMOKED! but the ONE common denominator was that ALL had gardens!!!”

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