Bad News Travels Fast!

October 12, 2011

The bad news I’m talking about is the recent study that pretends that supplements are bad! The study is badly done and without merit and should be ignored. Already, based on erroneous findings, Bloomberg News is spreading the word and the Huffington Post passes on the advice of the AARP (a pro drug organization) that “older adults who take dietary supplements to boost their intake of minerals need to be careful they don’t get too much of a good thing.”

I’m on the board of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service and here’s our posted comment. “What Kind of Medical Study Would Have Grandma Believe that Her Daily Multivitamin is Dangerous?

Unfortunately the good news doesn’t get reported often in the mainstream media. Like the report I just got from a dentist friend, Dr. John Damiano, who has been suffering for 35 years from brain seizures.

At the 2-month mark on magnesium John reported that “There has been a remarkable improvement. First, spontaneous jerking of my left foot early in my sleep has disappeared 99% (The fasciculations in my left shoulder are virtually gone.) The nature of my brain surgeries (which I now realize I probably never needed) left me with hyperexcitability in my lower left extremity and therefore a dramatic Babinski reflex. Even an itch virtually anywhere on my left leg will cause upper motor neurons to misfire and contract the muscles below my knee, thus a foot twitch. It seems that that phenomenon is conquered such that an itch or a tickle doesn’t result in a bothersome twitches.

And more incredibly, his once skeptical neurologist told him to “Keep taking Magnesium” after seeing “dramatic shrinkage” in his brain lesions on his 3 month anniversary of taking magnesium.

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