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October 14, 2011

The main supplement that I write about is magnesium. I figure if I can get most people to just take this safe and effective mineral, the world would change. We’d have less heart disease, less high blood pressure, less migraines, less PMS, less IBS…less disease in general. To make my case, I keep passing on the stories that come to me daily.

A 70-years young, self-proclaimed recycled teenager for two days in a row did heavy construction at her health food store. After the second day her body knew it was in trouble. So when she got home she decided to try out the Magnesium Flakes that I recommend. When she got out of that tub she said she was TOTALLY SURPRISED. She walked out of the bathroom and there was no pain or discomfort anywhere. (I would also put Natural Magnetic Clay in the bath.)

Here’s a testimonial from a reader in England. “I just read your book The Magnesium Miracle; it’s amazing. Here’s my story. I have had serious arrhythmias for 8 years (ventricular tachycardia). I have had four very difficult ablations, 2 of which almost killed me. My cardiologist says my heart is normal and there is no explanation for these arrhythmias. On every admission I was tested for potassium and it was always found to be low. There was never any mention of magnesium.

I have taken a diuretic the past 20 years for high blood pressure which has probably depleted my magnesium and I’m only in my mid-fifties. I had a defibrillator fitted and I felt so defeated. I also began to have terrible anxiety my life was non-existent.

Now, after only one week of taking magnesium citrate 100 mg 4 times daily and one chelated potassium 99mg, I feel so much better.”

My magnesium citrate recommendation is Natural Calm.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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