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Magnesium the Vindicatable Mineral

November 1, 2011

Here’s what someone sent me about my favorite mineral. In the journal Diabetes Care: 2010 Feb;33(2):304-10, researchers concluded that: “High magnesium intake is associated with lower concentrations of certain markers of systemic inflammation and endothelial dysfunction in postmenopausal women.

In my world, the most common cause of systemic inflammation is yeast overgrowth coupled with diet and lifestyle toxicity. Endothelial dysfunction occurs when the smooth muscles lining blood vessels are in spasm because of magnesium deficiency. By remaining rigid, they drive up blood pressure and can cause stroke and heart attacks!

Can you spell “vindication?” You bet I can.

So, if you’ve been waiting around for absolute proof that magnesium is beneficial, then here it is. As for systemic inflammation, that’s why I recommend magnesium baths along with clay.
You don’t have to be toxic or a senior citizen to benefit from magnesium. Here’s what one athlete sent me. “Thank you for exploring Magnesium. It’s changed my life. I’m an excessive exerciser and Magnesium was the missing link.”

Here’s a note from a marathoning couple. “I am currently reading your book and recently finished the section on athletes. I am a typical person training for my second marathon. After completing my first marathon I began having severe heart palpitations and my husband hurt a leg muscle. I am now questioning if a magnesium deficiency led to these issues.” She also mentioned the “huge amount of electrolyte supplements, juices, drinks, gels, powders, “blocks”, jelly beans and other performance enhancing things that are marketed to runners and given out freely at running events…but none of them feature magnesium.”

Basically athletes are sweating out their magnesium at a great rate and often need two and three times the RDA. But don’t forget to include other minerals as well by using mineral-rich green powdered drinks along with your protein shakes. I’m a fan of the Green Drinks at Tropical Traditions

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