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Managing Menopause

November 9, 2011

Some women who’ve read my book, Hormone Balance were put off because it wasn’t all about bio-identical hormone replacement. So many of us fall into the allopathic medicine trap that hormone replacement is all we need for menopause. Now, I’m not against bio-identical hormones but I make sure women understand that there is more to menopause than just taking a pill.

Consider these points:

1. When you stop having your monthly, you also stop releasing toxins. That’s why I wrote this blog: Detoxing Menopause.

2. I wrote about safe supplements for menopause in: Make My Menopause Stop!

3. What about bone health with symptoms of loss of height, poor posture and back pain in menopause? Basically, bones require the resistance of weight and gravity and a good dose of magnesium to stay strong and healthy. What to do?

a. Walking will give your leg, hip and back bones a workout. Walking and carrying a couple of 3-5 pound weights will put the required stress on bones to keep them actively growing and remodeling.

b. Taking oral magnesium and magnesium baths are far better bone formers than calcium.

Read: Why I Hate Calcium.

c. Take Vitamin D for your bones and to balance your intake of magnesium.

Read: Magnesium Deficiency Reduces Effectiveness of Vitamin D in the Prevention of Disease.

Watch this Webinar: Vitamin D, Magnesium and Our Bones.

4. I’ve recently learned that symptoms of bladder incontinence can be treated by going on a gluten free diet. That can be a huge breakthrough for people with this very difficult symptom!

Menopause Media:

Check out the following DVD from my friend Kathi Casey: Acu-Yoga for Menopause DVD.

Listen to: Magnesium Deficiency & Menopause interview on Magnificent Menopause. Part One: Part Two:

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