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The Bugs Won!

November 4, 2011

Antibiotic resistance is nothing new but it’s finally so bad that allopathic medicine is saying “Be Very Afraid!” Why? Because drug companies are no longer producing “the next great antibiotic.” They’ve tapped the well dry; there are no new drugs in the pipeline that can beat antibiotic resistance.

The bugs have won!

A Lancet Infectious Disease study (2010;10:597-602) describes a bug that has developed a gene that passes on antibiotic resistance to its friends that now threatens all antibiotics.

The next four paragraphs are from an article on

“Resistance is the ‘elephant in the room’ in the field of infectious diseases. … now the future appears to be particularly ominous… Pharmaceutical companies are no longer interested in antibiotic development and production for a variety of reasons, mostly economic. As one pharmaceutical executive told me: ‘You take an antibiotic for 1-2 weeks but you take a statin for a lifetime. What would you make?’

From 1983-1987, 16 new antibiotics were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but from 2008-2011, just 2 new systematic antibiotics were approved and neither addressed the issue of resistance.

President Obama has asked the Trans-Atlantic Antibiotic Resistance Task Force to address the problem, indicating recognition of its international reach. Two bills introduced in Congress (the GAIN bill in the House and the STARR Act in the Senate) include proposals for financial incentives for the pharmaceutical industry to produce new antibiotics.

Nevertheless, no antibiotics currently in phase 3 development are likely to resolve the problem of gram-negative bacilli resistance.”

I’m reading this and all I can say is Lord Suffering Cats!

How’s this for an analogy? A car manufacturer continually makes cars that blow up but keeps making the cars and even gets government funding to keep making the cars – THAT KEEP BLOWING UP!

Has any one of these doctors ever thought that we have to find other ways to treat infections? Like:

1. Taking nutrients that keeps us healthy. (I recommend non-synthetic, food-based Grown by Nature supplements. The code gbn123 at checkout carries a 20% discount.

2. Eating a good diet that keeps us healthy.

3. Living a healthy lifestyle. (Join my Completement Now! 2-year online wellness program that will tell you exactly how to stay healthy.)

4. Using the dozens of natural remedies for colds and flus and infections (see my eBook, Future Health Now Encyclopedia).

5. Using safe but powerful probiotics like Prescript Assist to keep the bad bugs in check. After all it’s the bad bugs in the gut that got the drop on us and are passing around the gene that disarms antibiotics. Why not start there?

6. Detoxing regularly with clay and magnesium baths to keep the bad bugs from finding toxic places to grow in your body.

7. Reading my free newsletter with countless tips to keep you well.
Pursue these solutions and when you really need an antibiotic, maybe your bugs won’t be resistant to it.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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