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Time for a Coffee…Enema!

December 18, 2011

Most of what I share with you in my blogs comes from personal experience. And there is one therapy I’ve been holding back on. Coffee enemas.

I guess I didn’t want your responses to degenerate into locker room humor. But the effectiveness of coffee enemas as a potent liver and intestinal detoxifier can no longer be denied.

In the past week I read something about estrogens accumulating because of entero-hepatic recirculation. Also, an online autism seminar focused on entero-hepatic recirculation being a problem for continued reabsorption of toxins in these children.

You can read about enterohepatic recycling of bile salts in Wikipedia. However, know that “numerous drugs undergo elimination via the bile in the unchanged or conjugated form. Drugs eliminated in the bile are available for absorption in the GI tract. This re-entry into the body after ‘elimination’ via the bile results in the “recycling” of drug and prolongs the time required for the drug to be irreversibly eliminated from the body.”

That’s part of the reason why drugs can become so toxic. They are reabsorbed along with bile salts back to the liver where they are reprocessed in ways that can make them infinitely more toxic than the original. Yet another reason to look for safe solutions to your health problems!

My paternal grandmother was the head nurse of a fever hospital in Montreal. They used high colonic enemas to treat their patients. Lowering fevers and removing infectious toxins was easily accomplished with this therapy. But it fell out of favor when the “scientific” method of drug therapy gained precedence.

I learned about coffee enemas when reading A Cancer Therapy: results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Dr. Max Gerson and Charlotte Gerson. That book was written in 1958 and is just as powerful now in its promise of a natural cure to cancer. One of the most important modalities in the Gerson Therapy is coffee enemas.

I’m honored to be on the Board of the Gerson Institute and support the ceaseless efforts of Charlotte Gerson, now in her 90th year, and her son Howard Straus. Another friend, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalas prescribes coffee enemas for his treatment of cancer. With his natural therapies, he has one of the best cure rates of pancreatic cancer. At the Gerson Institute and Dr. Gonzalas’s office, patients, staff and practitioners all benefit from this modality.

In this short blog, I won’t have time to go into the details of performing a coffee enema or even all the attributes. For more information read the Biological Basis for Coffee Enemas and Liver Detoxification with Coffee Enemas. This site has sensible enema instructions. And, of course, I would use organic coffee. The one thing I would add is to be sure and take a good probiotic on the days you are doing coffee enemas. My recommendation is Prescript Assist. You can also put the contents of one Prescript Assist capsule in 2 ounces of water and pour that in your enema bag and insert this liquid as a “rectal implant” after your enema.

Also, heed my warning below “Only you can know if something is helping you. If you don’t feel well doing a therapy, listen to your body and stop doing it! Knowing when to Not do something is a big part of taking responsibility for your health.”

Add coffee enemas to your list of safe, inexpensive and effective solutions that include clay baths, magnesium baths, coconut oil and food-based supplements…all of which I have listed below.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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